CIOs, please stop erecting those walls

Back in October of 2009 I noted that, according to IDC and Robert Half Technology, 54% of all US CIOs prohibit social networking sites at work.  While the numbers were a cause for discussion at that time, many experts in the field have told me that the walls have been crumbling down.  Well, John Cougar Mellencamp may have sung it, but the reality is that those walls are still going up around many businesses and agencies.

According to Robert Half’s latest survey of 1400 CIOs we see that 38 percent of CIOs interviewed are implementing stricter social networking policies.  In fact, the CIOs are becoming more strict with respect to the use of social networking for both personal and business use with only 17% becoming more lenient.

While there is great value, in my opinion, in the strategic deployment of social networking and collaboration efforts there remain a many skeptics in the executive rank.  Be ready to make a solid business case and involve everyone in the process.  If you don’t, you may just find those walls going up even higher in your organization.


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