Choosing a Web Builder

choosing a web builder

It’s a given: you need a website for your business. Whether you have time to build a website on your own is quite another matter. Hiring a professional may be out of your budget, and even if you can afford the initial build, you may need to pay for ongoing website maintenance.

A web builder can be great option for small business owners. Web builders are not only affordable, but generally easy to use. With a web builder, you can achieve the website that you need for your business, without the stress of building a site from scratch or relying on an expensive website designer.

Not all web builder tools are created equal, of course. You can find free web builder software on the Internet to build a very basic website. However, you may still need to pay for hosting. You may also have a limit to the number of pages you can create with the web builder, and your website may not be advertising-free. You can also have the option to pay for a web builder that allows you to have unlimited pages and control over your web pages.

When evaluating web builder tools:

    • Compare the customer service offered. Do you have to pay for support?
    • Is there a limit to the number of pages you can create? 
    • What are the contract terms, and are there any penalties for canceling? 
    • How about hosting: does the web builder include hosting in their price, or do you need to find another host for your website? 
    • Finally, do you own your own domain, or does the website builder retain rights to the domain?

To sum up — weigh all of your options carefully when choosing a web builder, and look carefully for hidden costs. 


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