Choose with care in 2010

This is the first Friday’s Finds post of 2010,highlighting some of the things I learned on Twitter this past week. It follows 32 continuous weeks of Twitter summaries for 2009. I’ve decided to stop numbering these posts and will provide a title that highlights each week. Friday’s Finds posts will remain in the same category and I’ll keep on trying to post something each week.

Thanks to all of the readers who have added to the conversations here, either by writing their own blog posts, commenting, or tweeting. I now get as many visitors from Twitter as I do from Google searches. Friday’s finds have become part of my personal knowledge management system and this week I even found something on PKM:

60+ resources for Personal Knowledge Management. via @SteveBarth [add that to my PKM Bookmarks and you have a comprehensive resource list]

Dr. Brian Arthur, in the book, The Nature of Technology, says that “… everything emerges out of technology. It’s technology that gives rise to both modern science and the economy, and we tend to think of it in reverse — that science gives rise to technology and the economy gives rise to technology. But technology is more fundamental than either one.” via @jaycross

My next job in HR explains:

I could spend my time building an HR empire or I could do meaningful work so that an organization could function without me and without a bloated HR infrastructure. I don’t do bloat.

via @punkrockHR [This is the same approach I’ve recommended for learning & development professionals. You should constantly be trying to put yourself out of work. Maintaining a steady state in a complex environment is the same as going backwards. Teaching self-sufficiency in one area and then finding the next area that needs to be addressed is the only way to really support the organization].

Isn’t the preceeding approach better than this?Just got e-mail advertisement for audio conference for HR/managers on “enforcing dress codes”. And y’all want to know what’s wrong with training?” @JaneBozarth

(How) Would you use this critical thinking video? I’d suggest there is an inability of many teachers to reject the bias of their culture and upbringing in their own thinking, let alone to help students. In short, producing critical thinkers from classrooms is an impossible challenge with so many teachers lacking critical thinking. @courosa in conversation with @cburell

Aviation security: “Once a society starts circumventing its own laws, the risks to its future stability are much greater than terrorism”. via @afroginthevalley

From “Inherit The Wind“, the loneliest feeling in the world. via @nomad411

Reminds me of this GapingVoid cartoon:

wolves sheep

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