Chasing Celebration

Recognize This! The crowning accomplishment of one often marks the achievement of team – and that is worthy of celebration.

I’m not a baseball fan. As an Irishman, baseball is not a native sport for me. Yet, I’m often in our Boston-area offices where it’s impossible to not be swept up by Red Sox fever (especially during playoffs).

Yesterday, the big topic of conversation in the office was the Red Sox win over Detroit in the Sunday night game of the playoffs. Colleague after colleague recounted to me the grand slam hit by David Ortiz and the winning run by Jarrod Saltalamacchia. But it was this part of the story that sent me to a friend’s desk to see the video for myself: (Click here for video)

Did you catch that? The moment where Saltalamacchia is heading towards second base, glances over his shoulder and sees his entire team chasing him down to celebrate his game-winning hit?

This leads me to wonder, do we chase down our colleagues enough to celebrate wins, big and small? Do we seek them out to celebrate their achievement together, to honor what we were able to accomplish as a team?

What would chasing down celebration look like in your organization?

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