Changing to an Affordable LMS is Easy

Affordable LMS EasySelecting a Learning Management System (LMS) is a big task. A lot of time and energy goes into finding the right software. It can be frustrating to pour these resources into procuring an LMS that is less than satisfactory. Still, many businesses see the value of having an LMS and decide not to give up on the concept entirely; instead, they change to a new LMS.

This time, the research process ought to be easy and the price needs to be just right. Before beginning down this path again, it is important to make a couple of notes. Consider these points:

  • What are the main reasons for wanting an LMS?
  • What is unsatisfactory about the current LMS?
  • What is most desirable about changing to a new LMS?

Reasons for Wanting an LMS

Companies come in many shapes and sizes but ultimately have similar needs. A number of business owners and company decision makers are drawn to LMSs because they want to incorporate online training, organization, and administration tools into day-to-day operations.

TOPYX is a social LMS that keeps simplicity at the core of its software. Instead of plainly fulfilling these needs, this social LMS goes above and beyond:

  • Easy training with collaborative eLearning options.
  • Easy user organization with familiar social networking tools and member profiles.
  • Easy administrator tools to update the LMS, add materials, and program control settings.

Dissatisfied with a Current LMS

Without placing simplicity as the bedrock of an LMS, administrators and users can become confused. Out of frustration, they may give up on the system, allowing it to remain worthless. Some common complaints people have about these types of LMSs is that they are complex, difficult to update, a nuisance to maintain, and expensive.

It is aggravating to implement a costly system and not receive a return on investment. Yet people do not give up hope on LMSs entirely. They know business potential increases when using this type of platform. Where can they find what they desire?

An LMS with Satisfaction Guaranteed

When searching for an LMS that is simple to use and inexpensive, look no further than TOPYX. This award winning software offers administrators and users the features they need.

  • Mobile Learning
  • Reporting Tools
  • API Technology and Single Sign-on (SSO)
  • Individual Learning Paths and eLearning Certifications
  • eCommerce Capabilities
  • Language Localization
  • And more…

TOPYX offers these online tools for a flat rate. Fitting this affordable option into a budget means companies watch their bottom lines while business potential continues to grow.

See how easy it is for yourself. Click here to request a demo.

The time spent searching and struggling with a less than satisfactory LMS was not lost. It created a list of standards that an LMS needs to exceed. Don’t waste more time – try an easy-to-use, affordable LMS.

Jeffrey A. Roth
Vice President, Marketing and Communications
[email protected]

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