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Thoughts, Results, LeadershipBad things come in threes

Right? When the first one happens, expect two more. I disagree.

Our thoughts dictate our every word, action and result. They are the powerful masters of our mind. They are the starting point for our reality, our decisions and results.

Just a thought

A teacher once told me that it’s “just a thought”. That’s it, nothing more nothing less. We have roughly 70,000 thoughts a day and the ability to shift every one of them. To change all of them is not a wise undertaking, as we would be paralyzed, unable to take the next step into action.

With that said, there are certain thoughts that are worthy of change. Those thoughts that have us locked into a negative state unable of taking positive forward action towards desired results.

Stubbing your toe

We have all had those days where nothing seems to go right. We stub our toe in the morning and then throughout the day we are always on the wrong side of the coin. Why do we let that initial, often insignificant, action take control of our day? How does one instance cause the rest of the day to unfold in a negative way?

That one instance causes a thought that “today is going to be one of those days” and we stick with that thinking all day long just waiting for the next bad thing to happen. Wouldn’t we be happier if we stubbed our toe, said ouch, then moved on? For some reason we don’t and so goes our day.

Since a thought is only a thought and we know we can change them, then what is the problem?


The issue exists in our inability to create space, recognize the thought and become an observer of ourselves. Most of us have not refined our innate ability to pause, observe ourselves and let a new thought in. Creating this space is as easy as taking a deep breath, snapping a rubber band on your wrist or just saying stop. After you have created the pause, the next step is making the shift to being the observer.

To do this, ask yourself “is this what I want and how is this thought serving me?” With this question you have become an observer. You have stepped outside of the hamster wheel long enough to say “is this wheel going in the right direction?” By pausing long enough to ask these questions, you have given yourself the great gift of choice. Instead of being trapped in your thoughts, you have the power to decide what thought you want to have.

You have a choice

When you are having one those stub your toe days, just pause for a moment, ask yourself “Is this what I really want?” and create some choice. This takes a little practice and discipline, but once you start to get the hang of it, you will start to shift that hamster wheel towards the results you really want.

Give it a try for a week and let me know how it goes.


Derek Lauber, ACC
image courtesy:Josh Wept


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