Change is “sometimes” Good

I heard the words this past week that I thought I wouldn’t hear for quite some time, ” you need to stop riding your mountain bike for quite a while”.  Crazy to think, but I tore the ligaments in two of my toes; so pushing and pulling while peddling was getting painful and now I know why.  So with that part of life behind me for the foreseeable future I decided to turn to one of my first loves – Traveling.

I have spent the last 20 years traveling around America and have heard and seen some amazing and not so amazing things.  As I begin this new chapter I want bring to life not only the places I will go, but also what is happening  in each of these places from an HR perspective. 

So as I write this from my favorite airline Southwest and sitting in my favorite seat 7F, I’m looking out the window at the snow covered Rockies – simply beautiful.  I’m racing to get home – Boston – so I can see the calm before the massive snow storm we’re supposed to get.

But where would I start this journey other than – Vegas baby!  That’s right Las Vegas, NV, home of the slot machine, lights and everything else (again the good and not so good).   As I walked through my hotel, super-sized as everything is there, I couldn’t help but think back just a few years ago when the hotels were full and the blackjack tables had lines for seats.  The economy has definitely taken its toll on this city.  Sure there are still a lot of travelers and conventions to keep things running but nothing like before. 

The question I have is “will it ever come back to a town like this?”

Jobs are scarce and turnover is quite high with people looking for a few extra dollars in their paychecks.  But I believe this is just the calm before the storm in Vegas and other cities across America.  2014 will be a year that will define how we operate as a nation.  Companies, casinos, and the small to medium business owner will have to decide if they want to Pay or Play. 

Vegas will be hit hard with the number of part-time / full-time workers and the benefits that the hotels and casinos will have to offer or pay for the first time.  There are a lot of unanswered questions that only time will answer.

My last question to you is “have you thought about your look-back assessment yet”?



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