Change for the Better: The Leader’s Guide to Change

My third book has finally arrived!

Called Change for the Better: The Leader’s Guide to Change, it is now “on the shelf” alongside my first two, To Your Success and Lead the Way.

Here is the press release now being sent to a wide audience of friends around the world:

NEW BRUNSWICK NJ – OCTOBER 4, 2013 – New Brunswick-based writer Terrence Seamon has published his third book, entitled Change for the Better

Change for the Better – The Leader’s Guide to Change is now available. Change for the Better is a practical guide for organizational agents of change. Whether you are a manager, parent, coach or consultant, if you are helping people through change to reach success, this book is for you. Anyone who is taking a leadership role in a change project, from an executive to a team leader to a subject matter expert, can use Change for the Better as a handy guidebook to more effective implementation of change.

Much is written about the high failure rate (and cost) of change initiatives. In Change for the Better, one of the critical success factors, namely the role of the change agent, is explored. Principles for change agents are presented. And a “tool kit” for change agents is included as well.

Essentially, the book provides a roadmap to leading change effectively, describing it in a clear and practical manner so that anyone who desires to be a more effective change agent can do so.

Based on research findings, as well as wisdom and best practices from the field of organizational change, Change for the Better integrates the topics of leadership and managing change. As the CEO Jack Welch once said, “Change before you have to.” This book identifies and clarifies the essential elements change leaders must know and implement to change things for the better.

Change for the Better is published via CreateSpace, the publishing site:

This book follows Seamon’s first two releases, To Your Success, a motivational guidebook for job seekers and career changers, and Lead the Way, a guide for leaders looking to engage their staff members for higher performance.

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Terrence H. Seamon is a coach, speaker, writer and leadership and organization development consultant who provides training and employee development services to employers in New Jersey. Additionally, he is a job search and career coach who co-founded and co-moderates the St. Matthias Employment Ministry in Somerset, NJ.

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