Change Agents: Your most important credential

Have you ever been fired?

Have you had the personal experience of significant disappointment, setback, and loss?

Can you genuinely relate to what your clients are feeling?

After being “let go” several times in my career, I am convinced that this is the most valuable life experience for anyone calling himself a Change Agent or Change Manager.

When you go over a waterfall in your work or your life, you are thrown into the whitewater of change. You are forced to stop and think: OK. Now what? Where to from here?

I have found that it’s very useful is to reclaim your sense of purpose, your inner compass, that you can consult to regain your bearings and decide on your next course of action.

For an organizational change consultant, trying to make sense of the change experience, there are a lot of possible handles for one’s purpose. The one I selected is CHANGE:

C = Communicate openly and often

H = Help folks through the transition

A = Align around your core process and your mission in life

N = Navigate from the “as is” to the “to be”

G = Galvanize into movement

E = Empower and engage

In my consulting work with leaders, as well as my coaching work with job hunters, the question often is “Where to from here?”

And the answer is “Change.”

If you have gone through this fire yourself, and have come out wiser and stronger for having undergone the trial, you will be able to help others who are journeying through change.

Posted by Terrence Seamon on Wednesday July 31, 2013

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