Universal Picture

I started watching an episode of Naked Science about Killer Asteroids last night. To think that there are masses or rock floating through space and that they could hit a planet, including ours, at any time is amazing. There is so much stuff going in the universe, more than anyone could possibly be aware of.

We Are Aware Of So Much

Back on planet Earth, our networked world makes it easy to follow stories and people from around the world – we are aware of a lot of ‘stuff’. You may know more about Paris Hilton than your neighbor. And while there is nothing wrong with that, I think trying to stretch our brains out and in so many directions fuels confusion and discontentment.

Simply Boring

My accounting professor once told me to finance long-term debt long-term and pay for short-term stuff with short-term assets. Sounds simple. Maybe too simple. If an activity is perceived as too easy, it can quickly become boring.

The Motions

Is the concept of losing weight too simple – eat less calories than you burn? Some people choose to stimulate their efforts by reading about and consuming fat-burning lettuce, drinking detoxifying, skin purifying water or wearing butt-shaping footwear. They go through the motions. Going through the motions is like thinking about the endlessness of space – fascinating, but not producing tangible results. We hear about the importance of trust, values, authenticity, integrity, and innovation, but sometimes it’s more convenient or stimulating to simply appear polite, righteous, dream big, be disciplined and busy.

The Challenge

The less choices we have or perceive, the easier it becomes to synthesize happiness. Happiness that is needed to deal with big picture issues. I guess the challenge becomes to create meaningful challenges for ourselves.

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