Celebrate What You Want to See More Of

In my experience, a lot of times, people focus on what they do not want to see more of or are afraid of.

An important fact for you to consider is that the brain does not compute the word “don’t” or “not.”

Practically speaking, if you are a golfer and you are on the tee box and say to yourself, “I don’t want to hit it in the water,” your brain hears, “hit it in the water.”

Or if you say, “I don’t want to go in the sand trap,”your brain hears, “I want to go in the sand trap.”

To carry the golf analogy a little further, what is more successful in golf is to pick a target in the fairway or green where you want to go. If you pay attention you will see every professional golfer envisioning the ball in flight landing in the particular spot on the fairway, or on the green that they want to go.

In business, just like in golf, it is important to focus and celebrate on what you want to see more of and where you want to go.

Too often leaders and employees make the same mistake that an amateur golfer makes, they focus on what they don’t want.

The most successful managers, the most successful people, focus on what they want to see more of and celebrate the hell out of it when they see it or get it.

When somebody does something right, or approximately right, it is important to celebrate that in business and in life!

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