Carnivals, Expats, HR and Hamsters

I could probably write a persuasive post comparing an expat assignment to a carnival and somehow work in the hamster angle but in this case the carnival and the expat never meet.  And the hamster is a completely different topic.

The Carnival is, of course, the HR Carnival hosted by Anne Freedman over at HREOnline.  It’s a good one so if you haven’t already seen it do click over.

The expat, alas, is not me, although I wrote a post about Expat compensation over at Compensation Cafe following a Cafe podcast.  You can listen to the podcast here and read the post here.

And finally, check out Tim Sackett’s funny post about becoming a D List blogger.  He cautions that Laurie Ruettimann has already cornered the market on HR and cats so I was thinking of moving into the HR and hamsters space.  What do you think, could that be big?

Postscript: Google let me down.  I couldn’t find a single picture of a hamster sitting at a desk analyzing health and safety reports.

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