Carnival of HR by the Numbers

Today’s Carnival of HR came up to visit us at the TribeHR offices in Canada, and it’s got some doozies.

HR CarnivalHere at TribeHR we’re really big on numbers (for example, see our infographic on social recruiting from back in November). To summarize the Carnival for you, we pulled together some data on the posts: 

  • The blog posts in this Carnival add up to 12,467 words
  • The posts average 623 words long (only 40% of the “ideal” length)
  • 100% of the submissions were in on time
  • The word “centre” was spelled the Canadian way 25% of the time

Because we’re such data junkies, the first post that jumped out was Change & Communications: Implications for Asia Pacific by Abhishek Mittal. As a service to companies that operate in the Asia-Pacific region, he summarizes some of the most important findings of a recent Towers Watson study.

Similarly, we learned how Bias Charges are at an All-Time High from Anne Freedman of HREOnline’s The Leader Board (sneak-peak: 99,947 is a daunting number).

We love HR technology, so it was awesome that Naomi Bloom of In Full Bloom sent us An Open Letter to HR Executives, outlining some great key points to keep in mind when choosing an HR platform.

At TribeHR we do our best to support legislative requirements and compliance issues from all around the world, and a number of today’s posts take a compliance and legal tone. We start off with a commentary on the Fair Labor Standards Act in FLSA Pitfalls by Rachael Peterson, and continue with a fascinating read from Mike at Omega HR Solutions. He talks about the implications of a recent supreme court ruling which dealt with what constitutes a “complaint” from an employee. Along similar lines, Mike McCarty at Safe Hiring Solutions asks Is Your Employment Background Checks Policy Discriminatory?

HR carnival wordle cloud

While reflecting on the personal side of things, and the often very real and very difficult situations we encounter, Paul Smith at Welcome to the Occupation shares his thoughts on how HR Takes The Bitterest Pill, while Lynn Dessert at Elephants at Work shares her insights in 16 helpful questions to crack open a stalled career.

If you’re in the mood for some reflection on your role and your profession, Wally Bock at Three Star Leadership offers some interesting thoughts on what a world without bosses might look like, while Ian Welsh brings one of the most engaging posts in today’s Carnival, “And That’s When HR Met Its Waterloo.”

All bias aside (TribeHR has a soft spot for our hometown of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada), Ian’s post includes some excellent examples of being stuck in difficult situations—I think we could all stand to do a little more sharing.

Along with Wally and Ian on the reflection side of things, Prasad Kurian at Simplicity @ The Other Side of Complexity muses on the Political Paradox for OD & HR. Ben Eubanks continues the personal learning and sharing thread with his post Ten Rules to Work (and Live) By.

With management in mind, Dan McCarthy shares with us How to Get the Most Benefit from an Executive Development Program. There’s also a fantastic Summary of HR Directors Business Summit from John Ingham.

A newcomer to the Carnival is Joyce Akiko at Go HR for Startups. In her post Managing Job Openings: Do You Need an Applicant Tracking System? she gives an ATS intro to startups, and also offers some great advice on selecting a startup-friendly ATS.

Thinking about personal technology? Jennifer Miller at The People Equation talks cells phones and managing mobile devices in Stack Your Phones at the Next Company Meeting. Meanwhile, Trish McFarlane at HR Ringleader asks Can Music Impact Employee Performance? 

Things get personal again as we wrap up today’s Carnival. Doug Shaw reminds everyone to treat workers like human beings in Liveable Lives — Humanising the Workplace. Meanwhile, Ben Martinez begs us to promote retention through communication in Strategic HR Wishes For Retention, and John Hunter cautions that thorough processes shouldn’t be confused with mistrust in Trust But Verify.

Next week’s Carnival of HR is hosted by the always-sharp Laurie Ruettiman over at The Cynical Girl. We’ll see you then!


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