Career Zingers #22: “I want that you must be happy.”

How are you contributing to other people’s happiness?

Monika Hilm, the regional director of Vienna House, and I were walking through Istanbul to see some of the popular tourist spots. We were at the bottom of the Galata Tower and wanted to make our way up to Taksim Square. It was a bit confusing as there was a sign pointing one way but my memory led me to believe it was in the opposite direction. As we were standing there frozen in our directional dilemma, an elderly gentleman approached asking if we wanted to buy a selfie stick. “No thank you,” I said.

Galata Tower Creative Commons, https///

He then asked, “do you need some help?” I told him about our lack of direction and he gave us detailed and correct directions to Taksim Square. I felt grateful and voiced much thanks but he replied, “no need to thank me, I want that you must be happy.” Immediately upon hearing those words both Monika and I were moved. Moved to where we wanted to go but even more moved that he genuinely cared so much for our happiness.

I believe we can all learn about putting other people’s happiness first from the selfie-stick salesman. This week, focus on putting others happiness first without expecting a thank you. Be willing to say – or at least think to yourself – as you help others, “I want that you must be happy!”

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