Career Zingers #14: Precious Work

Do you experience the preciousness of your work?

Abu Dhabi Louvre Art (David Zinger, 2017)

Precious defined: ˈpreSHəs – of great value; not to be wasted or treated carelessly.

Imagine today at work is your first day at work. Imagine today at work is your last day at work.

Each of us, regardless of how long we work, will have a first day and a last day. If you knew it was your first day or last day at work what might you do to make it more precious or memorable? Realize you don’t have to imagine today as either your first or last day. Each day, you and your work change — even if ever so slightly. Therefore, each day is your first day. Also, no day at work will ever be identical to the previous day so it is also your last day. Although our career can span many years it can only be found and fully experienced within each precious day, hour, minute, and moment.


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