Cancer is a Great Challenge Not a Death Sentence


Dr Mary Carter shared a story about cancer – a story we hear about way to often. I wanted to pass it along to you that it may help or encourage you that cancer has issues behind the disease.

He has Stage IV Lung Cancer…… her words rang in my ears for just a second. Had she been talking to anyone else they might have said “I am so sorry” or “Oh God that’s awful news” but that is not what I said. Why? Because I truly believe that Cancer is NOT a death sentence. I believe it is a great challenge but not a death sentence. I say this because of what I have seen with my own eyes, what I know scientifically and the miracles I have seen God do. Now that is not to say that I also don’t know some clients and loved ones who have passed from Cancer too.

So why do I have such a positive attitude when it comes to cancer, because I know that there are things that scientifically have been proven to reduce or inhibit tumors and Cancer cells. You are probably saying right Chemotherapy and Radiation. Well that may be true but there are many side effects with these treatments and although I can not and will not recommend a person not take them I do think it is very important to support the body FULLY.

Here are some more proven strategies of inhibiting and reducing cancer:

1) Therapeutic Essential oils: Certain Young Living Oils  have been proven to be effective against inhibiting the growth of cancer cells without harming healthy cells. Brigham Young University studied over 80 different therapeutic essential oils and found several dozen Young Living essential oils to be effective at inhibiting prostate, breast, and lung and skin cancers. Scared Frankincense currently being studied in its effectiveness against cancer.

2) Acid/ Alkaline: Research shows that acidic conditions can induce cancer growth and alkaline conditions can inhibit it. Supplementation and nutrition can help create more alkaline conditions in the body.

3) Nutrition: What you eat can contribute to the development of certain Cancers so I believe the same can be true in the inhibition and death of cancer cells.

4) Hydration: Water Water Water and that’s it. Coffee, Soda, Alcohol are all contributors to acidic conditions and research shows that high levels of all three can contribute to certain cancers.

5) AND MORE THERAPIES: There are many proven therapies to help support Cancer Recovery like cleansing, colon hydrotherapy, Juicing, heat therapy like the BIO-MAT technology a specific Infrared technology. People have found all these these to be very beneficial in reducing the symptoms and size of tumors.

Specifically the Gerson Therapy has helped thousands live longer happier lives with cancer and recovery from cancer.

6) STOP and DE-STRESS: Our stress levels directly affect our health. When someone is diagnosed with Cancer it usually stops their life and they must focus a large part of their daily activities on wellness. In fact I know several friends and family members who had cancer and say it was the best thing that ever happened to me, or it saved my life. Why do they say things like this? Because Cancer stopped their crazy stressful lifestyles and helped them change things that were not healthy.

7) Facing the junk in the trunk. My friend Crystal Parrott of Health little by Little worked in Gary Young’s Cancer Clinic for many weeks. There she would have to coach woman and men that part of their illness was due to things from their past they may not have fully dealt with yet. Louise Hay a very famous Cancer survivor talks extensively about abuse, rape, and trauma creating cancer and illness in the body in her books.

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