Can Your Employees Achieve Your Vision or Just Quote It?

Recognize This! – The worth of a corporate vision statement is in employees’ ability to understand and contribute to achieving it every day.

What’s your company’s vision? If that isn’t defined in so many words, what would you say is your CEO’s primary goal for your organization? Can you put it into your own words? More importantly, do you know how to contribute to achieving that vision every day?

Let me share with you a couple of examples of how company presidents feel about this issue.

First, Jenna Fanan, president of Tequila Avion, in answer to the question: “How would you describe your leadership style today?”

“My approach is to give people a lot of autonomy. You have to know your vision, share your vision with people and make sure they’re crystal clear about it and buy into it. But even more important than that is to make sure they know what it is they specifically have to do make that vision happen. I think managers too often talk about their vision but everyone else in the business doesn’t know what it means for them individually. What should they be getting up and doing every day? And how important is what you do to that overall vision?”

Second, from Julia Hartz, co-founder and president of Eventbrite, in response to: “From an employee’s perspective, why do you think people like working for Eventbrite?”

“All the Britelings understand our vision and have a very clear understanding on how their work and skills map back to that success. Yes, we have all the great perks that you would expect from a technology company in San Francisco, but it really comes back to people feeling they can have an impact – and those are the kind of people we want to hire.”

A vision must be actionable – daily and by everyone– for it to be useful in guiding company success. The number one motivator of employees is meaningful work. Knowing how my efforts map back to achieving the company’s vision and ultimate success contributes significantly to knowing my work is meaningful.

Globoforce’s vision is to move our industry forward by striving to become leaders in thought, innovation and global capability. I know very clearly how my work helps to move our industry forward. Through my work with clients, I have a deep understanding of the importance and impact of our thought leadership, innovation and global capability to helping our clients achieve their goals. Through the recognition I receive from my colleagues and my CEO for my work, I know beyond a doubt the impact my work has. Such specific, timely feedback is the key to helping employees make the connection between “what I do every day” and “how I contribute to achieving the vision.”

What’s your company vision? How do you help achieve it?

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