Can MoGro Replace Financial Advisors?

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Guest Post

No, this isn’t some diabolical plan to replace people with robots at local brokerage firms (hmmm…).

It’s actually an acknowledgement that having to pay financial advisors steep commissions and hefty fees is often times a barrier that stops the average person from investing.

Yet, not being knowledgeable about investing can be equally costly, so that most people have been restricted to the traditionally less profitable investment vehicles such as bank savings accounts and CDs.  What to do?

Risk Level Has Changed

MoGro proposes to level the playing field for all potential investors.  MoGro users won’t need a financial advisor, in the flesh, since they will have access to the same professional portfolio management tools that financial advisors, themselves, employ in order to make their recommendations.

mogro step2 risklevel changed 1 Can MoGro Replace Financial Advisors?

Investor Is In the Driver’s Seat

It puts the investor solidly in the driver’s seat, in control of their financial future, for the first time.

MoGro uses software that sorts through dozens of investment options to develop an investment plan that’s tailored to the customer’s needs.

mogo dashboard Can MoGro Replace Financial Advisors?

MoGro will then seamlessly invest the client’s money with long-established, SEC and FINRA regulated investment companies.

No Minimum Investment

And get this, there is no minimum amount required for investment (such as the $1,000 or more needed to open a typical brokerage account).

Customers at MoGro can invest any amount with the flexibility to invest in the future, at will, or to set up an automatic withdraw of a bank account for a set monthly amount.

mogro budget tool screenshot Can MoGro Replace Financial Advisors?

It’s fast & easy and accessible for everyone.  It’s change for the better!

Investing is an area that’s sorely in need of a lot more transparency and simplicity. Is MoGro the much-needed answer? I hope so!


This is a writeup I requested from MoGro. They have yet to officially launch, but if you go to you can sign up for their beta list (you bet I did), and they’ll notify you when this game changing service is available.

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