Can HR really be the Rockstar of the Talent Age

I think I saw it first on a slide in Tom Peter’s presentation. It stated something like “Human Resources? Or Rockstars of the Talent Age?”

That was a time I felt really proud of being a HR professional.

However, over the years I have seen organizations which rely on “Rockstar” talent – and I can say because of  the critical and central nature to the business, HR gets sidelined in such organizations by the business leadership.

So while HR thinks of standardisation – in a firm driven by rockstar talent (think a stock market trading firm, a law firm, or a football team or an IPL team) the focus is not standardisation, job descriptions are discarded, and there is stratospheric compensation for the rockstars.

The focus of talent and development in such firms is not “competency development” by looking at what gaps need to be filled. But rather to deepen and sharpen the skills the rockstar talent already has.

Recruitment is the personal goal – not of the HR people- but of business leaders and the CEO. And they recruit not by sending out job descriptions, or advertising on job sites – but by knowing the industry and knowing who are the rockstars and pursuing them as they would pursue a prospective client and taking responsibility for closing the deal (read this article on how Bill Gates used to spend 50% of his time on recruiting related roles)

What do you think?

Is HR needed in a Rockstar driven organization?

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