Can a Business Succeed Without the Web?

It’s a question that I’ve pondered the last few months while speaking
to dozens of business owners and other key employees at Vistage and TEC groups in the United States and
Canada. Sometimes I admittedly walk away from a presentation wondering
if a business can be successful without an effective Internet marketing
strategy. Most of these business owners are quite successful. So who am I
to question their skeptical and often times lackadaisical approach to
developing a best practice Web strategy. It’s only my personal belief
that the answer is a resounding NO, right?

Then I came across this LinkedIn poll of
more than 1,800 participants, and it exposed a potential flaw in how
business owners view their own future. Only 13% of owners felt there was
“no way” they could be successful without a Web presence. Compare this
to the 52% of C-level and VPs, 57%t of management, and 50% of all others
who felt that doom was on the horizon without a Web presence.

By the same token, 49% of the owners said “it depends how you define
success” while only 16% of C-level and VPs and 21% of management hinged
their future on a definition of success. What do you think? Can a
business be successful going forward without a Web presence? Post a
comment or take
the poll

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