Calls for cashiers to sit down on the job; journalists stage walkout; job switchers bag themselves a 10% rise

Call for cashiers to be allowed to sit on the job

Cashiers in US supermarkets should be allowed to sit on stools or seats while working – but they don’t under current working practices, claims The Press Herald. It notes that cashiers in supermarkets around the world are routinely allowed to sit, even though US workers do not (the only exception being German-based Aldi, which operates some 2,000 stores in the United States, and uses European-style checkouts, allowing its employees to sit). Technically, staff should be provided with seating if they want it – a 2016 ruling by the California Supreme Court issued guidance which states that “all working employees shall be provided with suitable seats when the nature of the work reasonably permits the use of seats.” The Press Herald claims supermarket cashiers need seats, but a Safeway spokesperson said that it is precisely because cashiers’ job requires them to lift heavy objects – laundry detergent, frozen or fresh turkeys etc. – that they should stand, in order to avoid injury.

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