Buy this…for your boss

So I’ve been pushing an L&D Revolution, and for good reasons.  I truly believe that L&D is on a path to extinction because: “it isn’t doing near what it could and should, and what it is doing, it is doing badly, otherwise it’s fine” (as my mantra would have it).  So many bad practices –  info-dump and knowledge-test classes, no alternative to courses, lack of measuring impact – mean that  L&D  is out of touch with the information age.  And what with everyone being able to access the web, content creation tools, and social media environments, wherever and whenever they are, people can survive and thrive without what L&D does, and are doing so.

What I’ve argued is that we need to align with how we really think, work, and learn, and bring that to the organization. What L&D could be doing – providing a rich performance ecosystem that not only empowers optimal execution, but foster the necessary continual innovation – is a truly deep contribution to the success of the organization.

I feel so strongly that I wrote a book about it.   If you’ve read it, you know it documents the problems, provides framing concepts, is illustrated with examples, and promotes a roadmap forward (if you’ve read and liked it, I’d love an Amazon review!).  And while it’s both selling reasonably well (as far as I can tell, the information from my publisher is impenetrable 😉 and leading to speaking opportunities, I fear it’s not getting to the right people.  Frankly, most of my speaking and writing has been at the practitioner and manager level, and this is really for the director, and up!  All the way to the C-suite, potentially. And while I make an effort to get this idea into their vision, there’s a lot of competition, because everyone wants the C-suite’s attention.

The point I want to make is that the real audience for this book is your boss (unless you’re the CEO, of course ;).  And I’m not saying this to sell books (I’m unlikely to make more than enough to buy a couple of cups of coffee off the proceeds, given book contracts), but because I think the message is so important!

So, let me implore you to consider somehow getting the revolution in front of your boss, or your grandboss, and up.  It doesn’t have to be the book, but the concept really needs to be understood if the organization is going to remain competitive.  All evidence points to the fact that organizations have to become more agile, and that’s a role L&D is in a prime position to facilitate.  If, however (and that’s a big if), they get the bigger picture.  And that’s the message I’m trying to spread in all the ways I can see.  I welcome your thoughts, and your assistance even more.

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