Burnt out nurse is not in Webster dictionary

 pointing out the problem Burnt out nurse is not in Webster dictionary

The definition of a burnt out nurse… is not in the Webster dictionary.

Have you ever wondered what the sinking feeling is every time you pull into the parking lot of your job?

The one that makes you feel like you’re walking in clouds or your brain is mushy foggy.

How about the headache that you only get when you’re at work.

Or the burning in the pit of your stomach that you just started noticing.

Hi my name is Angela Brooks I’ve been a nurse for the last 25 years and state-funded mental hospital. I know what stress looks like I know what stress feels like. I’ve had a few patients get underneath my skin and I had to walk away, however that hasn’t been too many times because I understand they’re already in the hospital with an issue under a crisis and they’re mentally ill. They are already seeking help for a problem that they have.

What I have found to be true for many nurses, is the petty controlling hostile environments of coworkers. The very person you’re supposed to be on a unit with causes you more stress than 15 patients on the floor.

Power-hungry title toten unhappy individuals, Who bring their misery to work with them to share with thier coworkers cause more anxiety and time off work then the patient load or dangerous working environment for mental health patients.

I see so many nurses who came into the field because their heart led them that way and they’re very caring loving individuals.

Nursing is also known to have most hostile work environment than any other field. Nurses seem to be very bitter even though it is a caring career, you hear more story’s of lateral hostility. 
What do you do? Your screwed either way you go. File a compliant and the grapevine goes around to the co workers before you have hardly had time to let the ink dry on the paper.
Yeah I know retaliation is not allowed…well people do it any way. Fact.
This is the point where nurses find out how they truly feel about the profession or ready to throw in the towel.
A heavy patient load is one thing, working in a hostile environment is another after dealing with it for a while most nurses are finding they would rather work in a lower paid less stress environment or not in nursing at all to prevent the mental games of the field.
I have never understood the meanness that comes with thy title nurse. Nurse school was more like military school that I paid to attend. We had to stand in line to check our nails, and that our hair was off our collar, and shoes were polished. Really!? What the hell? We play in body fluids for Pete’s sake.
Then when you get a job people wants to break in the newbie. I was given the worst patients, every day for over a year. I smiled and did it any way….with resentment.
I was so broke before my first nursing check that it looked good back in the beginning. Fast forwards 25 years…I don’t take a good dog cussing, or s crappy assignment  like I used too.
I wish had the answer to the hostile work environment. What I have learned is that is doesn’t  matter what your title is on your badge when a mental crisis breaks out a punch in the face is just as black and blue as someone with no title.
In fact the person with no title or a lower title is more likely to be the person that will be there to help you in a situation more than the person with all the badges and bling on their badge. You might want to stop and think about that statement icon smile Burnt out nurse is not in Webster dictionary

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