Bullying: The Movement that Keeps on Trying

David Yamada and I have very different view points on whether or not a bullying cause of action should exist (he drafted the model act that has been offered in a number of legislatures), but he is always a good source for monitoring what is going on and I take what he says seriously.

In a recent post, November’s Work, Stress, and Health Conference: A tipping point for workplace bullying research? commenting on the biennial meeting sponsored by the American Psychological Association, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, and Society for Occupational Health Psychology, he points to five specific sessions that specifically refer to bullying and a number of others that use terms such as ‘workplace incivility, aggression, harassment, violence and mistreatment.”

His thoughts:

It’s enough to make me wonder if we’re reaching a saturation level! But for now I’ll gratefully accept the abundance as sign that we’re reaching a good tipping point in terms of the mainstreaming of workplace bullying as an employment relations concern.

My position is not pro-bullying, just anti-legislation. My concern is that no matter how well drafted, it is too nuanced an issue for the courts to successfully handle. I am sure Professor Yamada will have more posts after the conference (early November) and that they will be well worth following, no matter where you are on this issue.

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