Building a Culture of Employee Appreciation

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Sometimes you leave an article feeling a little unsettled and it takes you a minute to figure out why. I felt that way after reading Inc’s  Building a Culture of Employee Appreciation. Good post, nothing wrong with it, good reminders to us in HR and management. So why that lingering feeling that something was off?

Then I figured it out. The article starts off talking about making employees feel appreciated.

Well, outside of my role in human resources, I’m also an employee and I don’t want to feel appreciated.

I want to be appreciated.

I want to know I’m appreciated.

Do you see the difference? Feel it?

How would it be if  thanking and appreciating truly became ingrained in our culture, an essential part of who we are, and thus came out in everything we do?  Could we rely less on flavor-of-the month appreciation programs if an attitude of appreciation permeated our work?

Maybe if we put more emphasis on actively and genuinely appreciating our workers as a matter of course, the ‘feeling’ part might take care of itself.

What do you think? Is this naive? Share your thoughts.

photo by hellojenuine

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