Building a Business Community with eLearning

eLearning BusinessCan a modern day business community and farming have anything in common?

Today, businesses have replaced farms as the major engine propelling society forward. Still, a lot of businesses adopt values and practices from the farm.

For instance, a popular term in the corporate world is “silos”. Farm silos are large, free-standing storage facilities for grain. A business community, however, may use this word to describe different departments that exist within a company.

In the global business environment, creating communication between silos is challenging because they may be scattered by location and/or purpose. Without efficient communication, a company’s employees can feel separated, disconnected, and isolated from colleagues and superiors.

While effective internal organization makes big business possible, keeping employees connected, especially those who function in different silos, is a constant challenge for all-size businesses.

In creating communication that connects all employees and equips them with the supportive business community, eLearning is the ideal solution.

eLearning is Creating Communication and Building Business Community

Employing eLearning system is the best way to create a progressive corporate culture that thrives on effective silos and is not limited by them. Here are three reasons why:

1. Efficient Communication Prevents Division Between Silos

Often times, in business, there is a lot of concentration placed on developing an efficient communication strategy that exist within a department or silo. While connecting the entire company can seem impossible, it is vital in creating progress and development. By providing an eLearning system where employees learn from one another and share information, companywide communication is attainable.

2. A Business Community Thrives on Shared Information

Efficient communication implies every person has access to shared information, and has means of contributing to a collective knowledge source. For this to happen, communication must extend beyond individual silos and bring various departments together. In other words, team members no longer belong to a single department; they become valuable contributors to the business community at large. Collaboration is easy when using an eLearning system to share content and host collaborative training.

3. eLearning is Creating Communication through Learning Management Systems

A learning management system (LMS) is the best option for creating a connected business community.  By opening channels of communication, silos are able to compare efforts and decide on collaborative approaches to benefit the entire company. An LMS makes this possible by connecting silos through an easy-to-use, online network. As a result, one program can unify all silos to create a strong business community.

A proven LMS known for connecting business silos is TOPYX®. This award winning social learning management system provides communication channels for the many working parts of a variety of companies. Because of its easy-to-use features, simple set up, and flat rate pricing model, this LMS offers the best option for creating communication networks. To experience how this program benefits businesses of all sizes, request a demo of TOPYX.

eLearning is the premier option for creating efficient communication within a business. Unify employees and company silos to build a strong business community. Accomplish this with a learning management system – the best tool for the modern business world.

Jodi Harrison
Vice President, Business Development
[email protected]

Interactyx Limited

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