Building a Business Case to Purchase an HRIS, Part 4

While attendance management may seem like the most basic and simple
of HR tasks, it presents more problems than are initially obvious. Ask
yourself, “Can I rely on all my managers to consistently log my employees’ sick or vacation days?” If the answer is “no,” you are unnecessarily accruing liabilities that affect your company’s bottom line.

The main areas that can benefit from automation are time clock
management, and vacation, sick, and other time off policies. Many
employees don’t keep track of how many vacation days and sick days they
are entitled to or have taken. If you ask any HR manager for the most
frequently asked question they receive, they’ll most likely repeat, “How
much time do I have available for my vacation today and how much will I
have in one month’s time?” It’s one of the most common inquiries an HR
department has to deal with and one which frequently equates to time and
effort wasted on a mundane tasks executed by highly-paid HR

 What if an employee could log onto a secure HR system and simply look
up the information they need? Easier still, what if that system could
easily show the employee the amount of leave taken and allow the
employee to make online leave requests?  From a departmental manager’s
standpoint, imagine theses processes:

An employee makes a request for vacation.

The employee’s manager receives an email from the employee requesting
time off. If the manager happens to be out of the office or unable to
acknowledge the request, the email will automatically be forwarded to
another decision maker. Once the request is received, the manager can
use a calendar view to check whether the request will clash with other
department members’ absence. The manager can also verify at this time
that the employee is titled to the time off.

Then the manager can simply accept/reject the time off request
accordingly. If the vacation or medical leave request is approved, every
system from HR, to payroll, to benefits, will automatically be updated.
Calculation of vacation time is frequently a contentious issue. If it
is sloppily managed, employees can frequently take more paid vacation
time than they are entitled to, because no one can prove they haven’t
taken it. Online leave request ensures that leave is taken and that
leave requests are accounted for.

And take for example a terminated employee.  You would
typically pay a salary for leftover vacation. If proof of what has been
taken is clearly available, it can make the whole termination process
run much more smoothly.

If absenteeism is becoming a problem, automating the reporting,
management and logging of sick days is a good way to track and control
whether there is an issue. A good attendance management system should be
largely self-managing. Once you have defined your unique business
rules, the HR department should have to expend little or no effort in
ensuring that it is running smoothly. Having a single, electronic access
point, directly integrated to the payroll system offers a very easy solution to these issues.

This four part series covered four of some of the most important justifying factors to make your case for purchasing an HRIS. Cost savings and productivity gains occur through the automation of routine day-to-day tasks Compliance, integration to Payroll and benefits carriers, and easy to use interface and powerful reporting capabilities.

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