Bringing High Performance Habits into the Corporate World

The Ken Blanchard Companies’ new partnership with bestselling author Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Institute is bringing the concepts from his book High Performance Habits to organizations around the world.

In his book Burchard teaches six habits and corresponding practices that differentiate high performers from average performers. Partnering with researchers at the University of California and University of Pennsylvania, Burchard conducted a 170,000-person study on which he bases his concepts. His six High Performance Habits are offered through an online course that is remarkably successful in bringing out the best in people.

Burchard’s course has been well received. Over 50 million people have watched his videos in the last 12 months, more than 30 million see his posts every week across the web, and more than a million students have completed his online course or video series. Surprisingly, Burchard remains somewhat unknown to leadership, learning, and talent development professionals. But that’s about to change with the release of his new program in conjunction with The Ken Blanchard Companies.

I had the opportunity to join numerous leadership, learning, and talent development executives who got a sneak peek at the program. In reviewing the resources, tools, and ideas they could bring back to their organizations, these professionals agreed that the new program would help employees and a new generation of managers bring their “A” game to work.

An L&D professional at a large organization shared this with me: “I believe our employees—maybe more from the younger generation—are already advocates and followers of Brendon Burchard. It’s cool and progressive that The Ken Blanchard Companies is now offering his course. This will make it that much easier for us to put the concepts into the learning journeys we’re building with Blanchard for our employees.”

The six habits Burchard teaches in the online video program are clarity, energy, necessity, productivity, influence, and courage. His habits reflect what high performers do continually—from goal to goal, from project to project, from team to team, and from person to person. Each habit is learnable, improvable, and deployable across all contexts of life. The habits correlate with external measures of success such as sales performance, academic GPA performance, executive promotion odds, and business unit financial success, as well as important life outcomes such as happiness, health, positive relationships, and confidence.

Here’s a glimpse of Burchard’s six habits:

  1. Clarity. Seek clarity strategically and consistently by making strong choices, showing up, being your best self, and moving with intentionality. This habit is about creating your future, defining what is meaningful, assessing where you are now and where you are going, and using a framework for getting there.
  2. Energy. Heightened levels of mental, emotional, and physical energy correlate with high performance. This habit features practices that focus on being intentional in the energy you generate and creating a mental/physical state that helps you be your best self.
  3. Necessity. Raise necessity to build, leverage, and sustain the optimal amount of drive to pull you toward full, excellent performance. This habit includes practices such as asking who needs your “A” game, affirming why you want it, and leveling up your squad. High performers focus on the necessary things that create intentional movement toward what is important.
  4. Productivity. Increase the output that matters, chart your five moves, and practice progressive mastery. The practices for increasing productivity showcase several approaches for remaining on track to achieve what’s meaningful for yourself and for your team, business, and family.
  5. Influence. Developing influence gets more people to believe in you, buy from you, invest in you, and follow you. Practices such as challenging people and moving conversations to action, when done well, catapult a high performer to an even higher level.
  6. Courage. Demonstrating courage is about embracing bold actions consistently. All high performance takes courage—and this habit has practices and frameworks for honoring the struggle, sharing your truth, and taking action.

Each person may fall in a different place on the continuum of each of these habits. When I took the assessment, I was kind of surprised at what my high score was and what my low score was. Yet as I was going through the program, every single habit had a practice or a nugget that really spoke to me that I could embrace.

Leaders in the L&D space know that we’re in the people business. We get things done through people, and it’s through people that we deliver on our best intentions for our customers, our stakeholders, and our shareholders. We are all about supporting leaders and managers in being their best. High Performance Habits not only helps managers, it also helps direct reports and brings a common language.

For people looking to learn more about Brendon Burchard and his approach to bringing out the best in people, be sure to check out our free webinar on September 23. Brendon will be talking about using the six habits specifically in the context of dealing with all the uncertainty and downward pressure caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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