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@BillBoorman wrote a great short post yesterday about bullshit in your LinkedIn profile over at the Recruiting Unblog. The picture below shows the top ten bullshit words and phrases used in the USA as identified by LinkedIn Analytics. Click the pic and you will be transported to @BillBoorman’s excellent blog where you can also find out the most over used word on LinkedIn UK.

LinkedIn Buzzwords

LinkedIn Buzzwords

Out of curiosity I copied and pasted my LinkedIn profile into Word and searched for these bullshit phrases. Phew – I didn’t find any (although the word results did appear twice). Just as I was congratulating myself, “Good old Smug Diddly Ug Doug – no bullshit here..” it struck me. I may not have any of these overused phrases, but I do have a whole pile of other crap on here. It’s true folks – my LinkedIn profile reads more like a car crash in a lexicographers than a summary. The place is just packed. And it’s not exactly current. I mean, the last sniff of detail goes back to the time of the dinosaurs, or in other words, when I was still employed by BT.

I needed a few useful tasks to do round Christmas time and I’ve just found the first one. Thanks to @BillBoorman for kicking off my festive to do list.


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