Brand Bulters: Is Serving the New Selling?

Trendwatching says that serving is the new selling and asks brands to include an integrated ‘Brand Butler’ strategy into their marketing plan –

It has never been more important to turn your brand into a service. Jaded, time-poor, pragmatic consumers yearn for service and care, while the mobile online revolution makes it possible to offer uber-relevant services to consumers anywhere, anytime…

While many brands now offer at least a few stand-alone BRAND BUTLER-esque services (witness the many examples below), very few brands have an integrated (or, dare we say, holistic) BRAND BUTLER strategy in place yet. That means a major opportunity to be amongst the first to roll out a cohesive suite of services, embodying the essence of your brand.

While the post excessively focuses on branded iPhone apps, it does highlight some interesting case studies including Mastercard’s ATM Hunter, Domino’s Pizza Tracker, Mastercard’s Priceless Picks, Nissan’s Prove It, Virgin Atlantic’s Taxi2, Charmin’s SitOrSquat, Virgin Atlantic’s vtravelled, Nike+ and Tesco’s Wine Finder.

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