Brand Ambassadors or Disengaged Employees?


Think about your organization and think about your organization’s purpose and brand promise.

Then, think about the employees in your organization and if their behaviors and actions are aligned with your brand and brand promise.

As I have been writing and talking about continuously, I feel engaged employees who successfully represent the brand provides a significant and unique competitive advantage.

I believe that creating brand ambassadors versus disengaged employees is the most important element of creating customer loyalty and net promoter scores.

Companies that foster brand ambassadors versus companies that mismanage disengaged employees create radically different results:Brand Ambassador Table


It is imminently logical that your external brand and the stories about it can never be better or stronger than your internal employee brand and stories.

After thinking about your brand and your organization’s employee actions and alignment, what do you have? Ambassadors or mismanaged disengaged employees?

If you don’t know the answer or are unsure I will give you a hint; try shopping your organization.

That will give you a clear answer.



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