Brains to Diversify on Shifting Sands

When Dorthy told Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore, she spoke for many who shuffle constant changes  across differences. Yet, conflict caused by lack of inclusion at work, costs billions of dollars, not to mention loss of motivation and morale, expert Cam Marston reminds us.  It takes radical reconfiguration to diversify and avoid toxins at work.

Notice  any shift in your skylines? Looking over the rainbow as did the Wizard of Oz cast?  If so, you’ll likely spot  visions that fuse racial differences.

No longer can we settle for unfair top-down  benefits for a few privileged. Let’s counter policies such as Goldman Sachs financial decisions that serve one population while others topple.

Success in our change-prone era, begs new directions with sea legs ready to stand on unsteady surfaces.  Like Pfizer’s global executive, David Simmons  advanced diversified leaders, we’re ready for smart skills on the rainbow’s other side.

Diversify leaders and mind-bending results will follow

Look for people who differ and you’ll find leaders who represent culture, background, and gender strengths. Skill that reach across differences, and talents that span multiple intelligences.

The dream team over at ImagineAge sports such diversity as part of their DNA. Described as an inter-generational, eclectic group, organized to bring a wide range of information to ImagineAge, this group looks across ages through different lenses of life.

Looking for bonus benefits? When the human brain reaches past daily ruts,  mind-bending surprises result. According to Robert Lee Holtz, Wall Street Journal Science Columnist, researchers found that sudden insights or Eureka moments show unique neural activity in EEG sensors. Simply put, the brain is most actively engaged when we  lose track of routine patterns that come from exclusion, and engage differences at work.

Create new neuron pathways toward success through a fresh new reality that can only come from welcoming diversity.  Kick-start action in your brain for expanded worlds where leaders like Wegmans celebrate another win in Fortune 100 list as the best place to work. No wonder people pack into their stores as if they were its winners. They are.

One lasting fix for a broken economy lies less in banks, or government dictates, than in rebooting strengths found only in diversified brainpower. What do you think?

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