Boss gives quitters a 10% pay rise; staff are still worried about catching Covid-19

Company boss gives staff a 10% pay rise when they quit

Jon Franko, founder of marketing company, Gorilla, has this week become something of a LinkedIn sensation, after publishing a post explaining how he gives people who quit a 10% pay rise. According to the post, employees can quit, and search for a new job whilst simultaneously receiving a 10% pay boost. The only caveat is that the employee that’s leaving has to be gone within three months. “From the moment an employee tells us of their decision to leave Gorilla and that they are in the search for a new job, any full-time employee who gives us at least six weeks’ notice will be given a 10% salary increase for the remainder of their time at Gorilla,” he wrote. Franko said the 10% pay increase allows individuals to pursue something different while still feeling engaged for the remainder of their time with him. He even said he would welcome people back if they wanted to return.

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