Born in a storm

six in six coloursSix years ago, on 19 February 2004, states of emergency were declared in Nova Scotia and PEI after a prolonged blizzard, later named White Juan, dumped as much as 95 centimetres of snow.  Many roads were impassable, blocked with snow drifts of up to 4 metres.

Another event in the local area received significantly less press – I started this blog on 19 February 2004:

This is where I post my thoughts and comments on ideas, events or other writings that are of a professional interest to me. Current areas of interest include social networking applications, like blogs, wikis and the use of RSS feeds, which is one reason why I have this blog; to practise what I preach. I’m also interested in the use of open source software platforms for learning. The development and nurturing of communities of practice online is another area of applied research that interests me.
My previous blog is still available as an archive.

I’d like to thank, once again, all of the people who have helped me on the sense-making journey enabled by the medium of blogging. The ability to publish anything at anytime has been not only empowering but enlightening. I have learned so much from so many people, especially other bloggers, and I truly appreciate all the comments added to my own, often half-baked, thoughts.

18 feb 2010

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