Boost Your Employer Brand with Your Referral Program

Providing your employees with social tools to make job referrals can give your company’s employer brand an incredible boost. Your employees are your company’s best ambassadors, and when they share your job vacancies with their social networks, they not only provide their connections with direct access to the corporate recruitment team, but also send all the right messages about the kind of workplace you run.  

Four Unbeatable Employer Brand Messages

  1. First of all, that your employees would endorse your company to their social networks means that they are proud of your company, and think it’s an awesome place to work – awesome enough that they want their friends to join them! Their recommendations associate a positive and trustworthy reputation with your organization.
  2. The online exposure that you’ll receive is not just about the jobs, but your company itself. Employees’ social networks are huge, with thousands of 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree connections. When employees share job openings, they also publicize the fact that your organization is growing. Job postings implicitly state that yours is a strong company, strong enough to be hiring.                                      
    At the same time, this exposure puts your company’s name on the frontlines. It increases visibility and puts your organization on the map, boosting awareness and recognition among candidates.
  3. By embracing savvy new social recruiting technology, your company shows that it is forward-thinking and progressive. A modern, up-to-date approach using the new rules of communication makes a more appealing impression on talent, and highlights its positive attitude towards innovation. This creates more confidence among potential candidates about your workplace’s openness and adaptability.
  4. That you trust your employees to act as your brand ambassadors underlines the high levels of teamwork, mutual respect and transparency in your workplace.

And this employer branding campaign won’t only have an impact on your external image – it’ll also improve your employees’ personal perceptions of your organization.

The more that employees participate in the social recruiting-integrated referral program, they more they will see first-hand just how much people want to work at your organization (partly a result of their own contributions as brand ambassadors). This popularity will boost their own pride and appreciation of your company, thus resulting in a much higher retention rate.

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