Boost Confidence and Infuse Positivity

 rosemaryandrelease Boost Confidence and Infuse Positivity

We have had a expensive week at our house … the pool wall burst and all the water rolled out in the yard $5000.00 to fix the pool after we had spent $1000 on new pumps and filters for the pool the weekend before, with all the rains we have had the garage started leaking $3000 to replace the roof, my sons air conditioning went out in his car $559 to repair. I had my own issues I was grumbling about under my breath.

Until I had three different situations come to my door to share with me what was going on with their own life. I decided very quickly that I had very small problems.

One young person who has a small child had been kicked out of her home in the middle of the night with no car and no where to go. Another person had to place GPS ankle trackers on their children just to do day visits with the mother. The third person had the electric cut off in their house until payday came around. .

Our emotional and mental health will affect our physical health. The tension felt in one area, like our mind will affect our emotions, body and spirit.  We need to take care of our total wellness so that toxic thoughts will not burn inside of us and lead to illness. It is easier said than done.

What if you could release pain and boost confidence and infuse positivity in your life with the help of simple Aromatherapy? That’s right. Simple aromatherapy can have a direct effect on your emotional health. It’s real, scientific and awesome. Release essential oil and Rosemary essential oil are two oils that can do just that. Would you like to have a little peace and forgiveness in your life?

Release Essential Oil

Young Living’s Release essential oil combines uplifting and calming oils that stimulate a sense of peace and emotional wellbeing. This feeling will in turn facilitate the ability to release anger and frustration.

Release is a blend of five essential oils. They are ylang ylang, geranium, blue tansy, lavandin and sandalwood.

Ylang ylang– has a sweet, soft, and flowery fragrance and is extremely effective in calming and bringing a sense of relaxation, and releasing feelings of anger, tension and nervous irritability.

Geranium – is uplifting, calming and helps release negative memories.

Blue Tansy– it is also called Moroccan chamomile and the sesquiterpenes found in this oil can help release negative barriers in the mind.

Lavandin – has anti-depressant properties.

Sandalwood– has a rich, sweet, warm and woody aroma that is uplifting and relaxing. It helps enhance meditation.

Suppressed negative emotions are the root of many of our health problems. These hidden emotions have their agenda in our life. Release essential oil will help clear out negative memories and replace them with positive ones, promote harmony and balance in the mind and body.

Diffuse, inhale or apply topically over your abdomen and liver when you are journaling, meditating or praying to release old patterns and make room for fulfillment in your life.

Mary S. used Release to release emotional junk and here is her testimonial:

I love this oil. I have had great results with using Release to let things flush out of my body: emotional stuff, physical things as well as whatever else may be holding people down or back.

Sylvia S. used Release to help mourn the loss of her husband:

After my husband’s death in May of 2004, I got right back to my job and spent little time allowing myself to feel my loss. I was introduced to essential oils in August and bought some Release. A friend went with me to a hospice memorial service months later (the same friend who introduced me to the oils). I brought the Release oil with me. Ten minutes before the service started, I opened the bottle and put some on my hands and inhaled. Even before the service started, tears were pouring down my face. What amazed me was how hard the tears were flowing, and yet I was not feeling bad. I just felt relieved. I probably cried over a half hour – quietly and peacefully, actually. It was simply a draining that needed to happen. I didn’t feel awful afterwards (as I often did when I cried) – just relieved!

Mona C. used Release to help cope with stress and negative emotions:

After a couple of very trying years I have been unable to cry. I had to give away my puppy that I had raised from three weeks old, to 7 years, and after that really shut down. I have been very stressed and unhappy at work, two court cases going on, and other issues. The other day I climbed in the tub, sprinkled some salt and Release oil and soaked.

After I got out I was on the couch, and got a message from my son in Afghanistan. I broke down, and sobbed for an hour. I cried so hard I made my nose bleed. Although it didn’t “fix” anything I feel better. I feel I can start over now, and get on with life. I told my daughter if you take a bath in Release, you better be ready for it and mean it!

Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary oil has been used extensively for centuries and has the ability to infuse positive memories and overcome mental fatigue. It is an energizing oil that has a fresh, herbaceous, sweet and slightly medicinal aroma that helps restore mental alertness.

According to a research done in U.K.’s Northumbria University, as reported in The Atlantic, volunteers for the research who were exposed to four drops of rosemary essential oil ranging from four to 10 minutes appeared to affect their mood, calmness and alertness. They performed better in the math test compared to those who were not exposed to rosemary essential oil.

Diffuse Rosemary essential oil during work or studying to support focus and sense of calmness when with family and friends.

Korty C. used Rosemary to help with focus and clarity:

In my full time job, I have to speak in front of others a lot in morning sales meetings. I get asked a lot of questions after my presentation. I have found if I apply rosemary to my chakra points 1/2 hour before I go on, my head is much more clear, I feel focused and “in the zone” to be able to respond to the audience. I also found rosemary extremely helpful in choir practice. I don’t read music so I have to really pay attention and concentrate on the music director. It has truly made practice easier because I find that I can focus on the music and not be frustrated about not being able to keep up. Thanks rosemary!

Juanita H. used Rosemary oil for relaxation and to calm her nerves:

When i am having a bad day i take my rosemary oil out, pinch one nostril and inhale deeply. I do the same to each twice then apply small amount to temple areas. Feels great calms my jangle nerves. For restless nights i shake a little on cotton ball put at head of bed. Relaxes me and off i go to sleep.

Here is why Release and Rosemary essential oils may be your answer wellness. Watch this video:

It is time for confidence and emotional release, get started with your own journey with essential health click here now.

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