Book Shares Powerful, Proven Principles for Developing Today’s Temporary Talent

It’s a uniquely modern conundrum: almost everyone who enters the workforce today is “temporary talent” in the sense that they are not likely to stay with a given company for the duration of their career. In light of this, how do leaders inspire and develop these individuals while continuing to deliver what their customers value and desire?

In his newly released book Leading from the Front Line: Learn How to Create Exceptional Leading From The Front Line CoverExperiences, internationally renowned business consultant Peter Psichogios explores the unique challenges of today’s business climate.

Psichogios explains that the new generation entering the workforce today views job opportunities as a way of gathering a portfolio of experiences and acquiring different skills. This means that while employees may be with a given organization for twenty hours per week or for two full years, very few who join the organization will make a career out of it.

In offering enablement strategies that remind and teach leaders how to get the best commitment and desired behavior from employees, Leading from the Front Line develops a number of simple but powerful principles. Among them:

  • All people want to be able to excel and to learn skills that make them more marketable
  • Every world-class leader listens to and acts on the truth!
  • When you deliver skills that increase the competency of your workers, they always become more energized and engaged
  • The key to intense employee engagement is to create a culture where leaders are held accountable for developing and enabling others
  • Repetition is the mother of all learning

Psichogios comments, “These principles are appropriate for all types of leaders as well as those who aspire to leadership roles, but they are only as powerful as the commitment to follow up on and reinforce them.”

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