Body Image Coach Offers Tele-seminar With Dr. K

The teleseminar is tomorrow.  Here is the announcement:
DawnDalili“Dr. Dawn Dalili, a leading figure in body image coaching, presents a new teleseminar with Dr. Rick Kirschner, an authority in effective communication, negotiation, and relationship management.

“This teleseminar, named “Mindset of Mastery,” aims to help people embrace more intimate and complex layers of communication. Dalili, who has worked in the field of body image coaching for years, explains that in order to fully develop a strong and confident body image, one must recognize

the importance of communication–both with one’s self as well as with others.

Mindset of Mastery ( will focus on establishing the link between body image and effective communication by offering the most effective techniques that you can use to enter a mindset of confidence and enter a personage of persuasion when working with others. Dr. Kirschner will guide listeners through the levels of communication required to reach beyond the typical barriers of communication we encounter in everyday life, leading us to a developed and more confident body image.

About Dawn Dalili

It is the mission of Dr. Dawn Dalili to provide her clients with the support, tools, and resources they need to flourish as individuals. Her company offers support on weight and body image to help you overcome your limiting body beliefs once and for all. The educational content she offers is designed to further your understanding of body dynamics from a Naturopathic perspective.

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