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I’ve been helping out with OLDaily for the past several weeks, but Stephen is now back as editor-in-chief. The pressure of getting out a daily newsletter was much more difficult than I thought it would be. I found that I was scouring my feeds and looking for appropraite posts quite often each day, and then trying to give some kind of fresh perspective. Luckily, Gary Woodill and Barry Dahl were doing the same and I only had to do 2-3 posts per day. Gary also handled the daily publishing of the newsletter. Thanks guys :-)

I started the OLDaily project all full of energy, but was quickly called to task by a reader for repeating a post that Stephen had already covered. I learned to check the archives before posting, realizing that Stephen’s audience is quite large and someone will notice any slip-up. This was of course once I figured out how to track comments.

This co-editor stint has given me a new pespective on blogging. As of last week I was finding the grind a bit much and had stopped posts on this blog. I found that once I’d filtered, examined, pondered and then written for OLDaily that I didn’t have any interest to write one of my own posts. My own pace is much slower and I need to have three or four posts in the mill and let them stew a bit before I decide to post any of them. Many potential posts get chucked or wind up as a quick link on Delicious.

Each blogger writes for different reasons and I mostly do it to make sense of what I’m observing, reading or pondering. There is no pressure to create a daily post and I now know that I couldn’t handle that kind of pressure to deliver for very long. I have more respect for journalists and their deadlines. I also have an even greater respect for Stephen and the enormous cumulative value of OLDaily for our field. Adding a post numbered 45,167 showed just how small my contribution had been.

And now back to our regular programming …

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