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HR Carnival for Haiti is now open!

This is a special edition of the HR Carnival that has one purpose:  to focus a spotlight on agencies that are providing relief and aid in Haiti.  The intended approach was that anyone wishing to participate would select an agency that they wished to support or know more about, and using the skills you would use in HR to do a “background check” on your organization.   Once the profile was completed, it would be written up and posted on your blog, and the combined efforts of all participants would be aggregated in this Carnival edition.

We weren’t looking for money or donations this time.   The purpose of this Carnival was to share some good information and raise awareness of agencies from all over the world that are doing good work in Haiti right now.   Many of these same agencies may soon be headed to Peru, where ferocious rain storms has ruin essential crops, caused landslides, washed out bridges, and left entire regions of the country cut off from each other.   This story hasn’t really taken hold in the mainstream news yet, but you will probably be hearing more in the coming days.

Thanks to those of you who participated with this effort.  Without further ado, let’s get to the aid organizations and their profiles.

First up is Tammy Colson at HR Junkyard stays local with a profile of Free the Kids. which she thinks is doing some great work all around the world.

Jumping to the Midwest, Crystal Peterson also stays local when she profiles EDGE OUTREACH, an organization doing big work with fresh water over on the Criss Crossed blog.

Jill Elswick at The Same Old Cracks put a special effort into getting this profile of the work being done in Haiti by CHF International written at the last minute, and I appreciate her help!

Joan Ginsberg of HR University took this carnival effort to heart, doing some serious investigatory in her attempt to find what she felt was the best charity to support.  See how she would decided to “hire” Partners in Health.   She also made a donation.  Thanks for your work, and your generosity, Joan!

Most of us know Sharlyn Lauby, who is the primary voice behind the excellent blog  HR Bartender.   It seems to me as if Sharlyn knows everyone on the planet, or at least has their phone number in her iPhone.   So it is not suprising that was able to find one of us (hr peeps, that is!) who is doing something in Haiti.    It is also no suprise that it had something to do with drinks, in this case, drinking water and Watersafe.

Warren Heaps of the International HR Forum has done his research and recommends CHF International as his selection to provide assistance to earthquake victims in Haiti.

Chris Brogan was kind enough to share his thoughts on How NOT to Help Haiti with his suggestions on how to use social media effectively in supporting different causes.

Paul Smith of  Welcome to the Occupation does his background check on The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC) a specific fund set up for SEROvie.  Nice work, Paul!

Lisa Rosendahl reaches out upon request to show us how many hands can make the load lighter.

Shauna Moerke aka the HR Minion tells us about how she combined her HR skills and her gaming geekiness to help out Hait via Gamers for Haiti.  Very cool!  Shauna was also very kind in helping me throw together this last minute special effort through the HR Carnival.

I violated my own rules by coming with a big list of charities helping in Haiti for your review in addition to those so generously provided by our colleagues profiled above.   Thanks for stopping by to read the profiles.

Thanks to everyone who contributed, and even deeper thanks to everyone who is helping with this huge effort!

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