Blog Updates and Why My Logo Looks Misspelled

Recognize This! -Any successful program should accommodate the needs of all users, not just the majority.

Astute readers of my blog may have noticed a few design changes recently. I’m very grateful to the talented team at Globoforce who keep this blog looking and functioning at its best, which frees me to focus on writing posts about topics that matter to HR Pros who care about strategic and social recognition.

The uplift to the blog design was intended to:

1) Make the 10 most recent blog posts more easier to skim

2) Improve the search functionality, also making it easier to find topics (and the associated research and news) you care about most

3) Add an advert for easy registration for my events where you can join in, such as upcoming webinars or workshops

One thing that did not change is the unique spelling of the blog in the logo header.

I’ve been asked often why the zed is flipped so it appears to be backwards in my logo (picture at right for email subscribers). This was intentional. While the need for recognition and praise is truly universal, the spelling of the word “recognize” is not among English-speaking nations.

I most often use the zed spelling of “recognize” because the majority of my readers are U.S.-based. But in my home of Ireland – as well as in the UK and other countries – it should be spelled “recognise.”And the UK and Ireland represent the next-largest reader base for “Recognize This!”

It seems a little thing to reverse the zed in the logo, but it is important to acknowledge the expectations and needs of all my readers, not just the majority.

The same is true for your recognition programs as well, especially if you have an international base of employees. Creating a solution that works in one country and and expecting to translate to another without adjustments can doom the best intentioned program to failure. Think of how you could address the unique needs of all your employees while creating one common language of appreciation.

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