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Hi everybody. I have been geeking around today and created a formula for blog rankings in order to make a top list of leadership blogs. This is just a test so far and I have included 20 randomly selected blogs. I am not going to reveal the formula, but it includes Alexa Ranking, Google PR, Search results, and presence in social media. These selected rankings make foundation for a calculation and are fact based on numbers easily found on the net. I have included 2 more criterias as well, these are a personal opinion about design and quality of the blog. Usability is a factor, easy to follow, easy to read. And do I think the content is great. The personal factors do not affect as much as the stone hard facts but I wanted it in there. I am therefore honored to introduce a top 20 test result.

I want to make a top 100 before September. I just need to search and register into my database. If you have a blog please comment and I will include it. Enjoy and congratulations to Gretchen Rubin for taking the lead.

I almost forgot: As I add new blogs, the results may change as there is an internal link that might change scores for already registered blogs.

Name: Happiness Project
Author: Gretchen Rubin
Twitter: @gretchenrubin
Score: 50

Name: Re:Focus
Author: Simon Sinek
Twitter: @simonsinek
Score: 45

Name: Chief Happiness Officer
Author: Alexander Kjerulf
Twitter: @alexkjerulf
Score: 45

Name: All Things Workplace
Author: Steve Roesler
Twitter: @steveroesler
Score: 44

Name: Monster Thinking
Author: multiple
Twitter: @MonsterWW
Score: 43

Name: Steve Farber Extreme Leadership
Author: Steve Farber
Twitter: @stevefarber
Score: 42

Name: Gina Abudi
Author: Gina Abudi
Twitter: @GinaAbudi
Score: 41

Name: Wally Bock’s Three Star Leadership Blog
Author: Wally Bock
Twitter: @wallybock
Score: 37

Name: Positively Present
Author: Dani
Twitter: @positivepresent
Score: 36

Name: Matthew Taylor’s Blog
Author: Matthew Taylor
Twitter: n/a
Score: 33

Name: The Practice of Leadership
Author: George Ambler
Twitter: @LeadingPractice
Score: 32

Name: Never Mind the Manager
Author: Frode Heimen
Twitter: @frodeheimen
Score: 31

Name: David Goldsmith’s Blog
Author: David Goldsmith
Twitter: @goldsmith
Score: 30

Name: Lead by example
Author: John Baldoni
Twitter: @JohnBaldoni
Score: 28

Name: Geoff Snyder
Author: Geoff Snyder
Twitter: @geoff_snyder
Score: 27

Name: David Burkus
Author: David Burkus
Twitter: @davidburkus
Score: 26

Name: Ask the Manager
Author: Steve Stauning
Twitter: @SteveStauning
Score: 20

Name: More Success for Business Leaders
Author: James Chapman
Twitter: @JamesTheWriter
Score: 19

Name: Paul Bridle
Author: Paul Bridle
Twitter: @paulbridle
Score: 17

Name: Inventive Links
Author: Maya Mathias
Twitter: @inventivelinks
Score: 15


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Btw: all these blogs are great!

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