Blast from the Past; CEO Business Cards

Recently images of business cards of two of the most famous people in the world, Steve Jobs and Larry page, have surfaced. According to most accounts, they seem legit.

Pascal Finette, head of Mozilla Labs, got hold of Steve Jobs’ business card from 1979. At the time, Jobs was the Vice-President of Apple. A really simple business card that is dull looking, misaligned, and lacks a logo (my opinion).

Here is the business card:

Larry Page’s business card from 1998 was shared by a Reddit user named Zestyping. Page was hiring at the time and gave the card to Zestyping and told him Google was hiring. He (Zestyping) said “Nah, who needs another search engine?”

Page’s card is decent looking than Jobs’. I think Page was trying to be the next Yahoo!. Look at the logo, Google has an exclamation mark. Google!

I am glad they dropped the exclamation (!)

Here is the business card:


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