Birth control and your boss

I never in a million years thought this blog would see a post about birth control and employers but here goes…

The imbroglio raging on over the decision to require Catholic hospitals and universities to provide contraception in employee health plans is itself nefarious at best. These institutions are secular in their operations and do not hire based on acceptance of Church doctrine or inscription in or subscription to the Catholic — or even Christian faiths. ‘What religion are you?” isn’t a question on the employment application.. as of course it shouldn’t be.

If Catholics are 100% true adherents then there won’t be any scripts written, agnosco? Or is the fear that if healthcare insurance covers birth control, all of a sudden good Catholics employed in secular but affiliated institutions who have never used it will all of a sudden hike pharmaceutical demand for the pill? Is the Catholic Church so naive as to think that the good and faithful would fall for that? How about giving  the 25% of Catholic women who follow Church teachings on procreation some credit for God’s sake..

Actual houses of worship that are employers like churches, synagogues, etc., still have reprieve. Yet, I’m willing to bet a lot that where there is a rectory secretary that doesn’t have a family the size of the Duggars — there is birth control going on in one form or another or infertility. And if you put Mrs. Duggar — a fundamentalist Christian, not Catholic, in front of a packet of Ortho Novum, she would turn her nose up at it, start reciting scripture and recount how God sent her a miscarriage because she had dabbled with it in her younger years — and it would be her right to do so.

This is not about religious freedom, this is about dominance and papal pissing on a fire hydrant — the religious have the freedom to be celibate, abstain according to their guiding doctrine and principles and bear all the fruit their their bodies can produce. They have the freedom to walk right past condoms in the mini-mart and  no pressure or compulsion whatsoever to use any form of birth control. Let this be between them and the confessional…

Let it not be between healthcare providers and employers and for Pete’s sake let’s call a spade a spade. This is a plot to dethrone the President…

P.S. The whole thing about no birth control and having families the size of small herds is nothing but man’s out dated way of trying to  keep women subjugated. Most men don’t even believe this anymore.

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