Bezos accused of being ‘fake working class’; support for unions reaches 60-year high

Bezos roasted for being ‘fake working class’

Hell hath no fury like the Twittershere! Ex-Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos – who has a net worth estimated at more than $150 billion – has been blasted by Twitter users after he posted a tweet reminiscing about his first ever job at McDonalds. Despite first working there aged 16, Bezos’s tweet – of him having just polished off a burger and recalling his first job days – didn’t go down well with readers. “Jeff Bezos can end world hunger for 15 years and still be the 76th richest person on Earth,” Rafael Shimunov wrote in response to the Amazon chairman’s tweet. “They don’t just want to f*** the working class. They also want fake being working class while f***ing the working class. Jeff Bezos’s parents gave him $300K to start Amazon and [he] becomes the world’s richest worker exploiter. Today’s equivalent is $600,000,” he added. “Don’t forget this man tried to get the Dutch government to dismantle a historic bridge so he could navigate his $500M mega yacht. Go kick rocks with the common man schtick, Jeffrey,” another critic said.

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