Companies that screw their customers me really burn me up. How short-sighted can they be? In this case, a company named Home Center sold me several thousand dollars worth of cabinets and fixtures for my new bathroom in July. HomeCenter has not delivered part of the order. I am angry.

Welcome to our store! We’re a privately held corporation, located in Baldwin, New York. started by selling high end home renovation products from manufacturers like Kohler, Grohe, Blanco and Elkay. Initially, the focus was on kitchen and bathroom remodeling products. Since then, we’ve grown to include lighting and sprinklers; carrying brands like Kichler, Sea Gull, Febco and Hunter.

Today, is a thriving full service online retailer with multiple warehouses strategically located around the nation. In the event that an item is not in stock, we can ship to our customers directly from the manufacturer. We have a professionally trained and knowledgeable contact center staff to assist customers with pre sales, order placement and post-order assistance. Additionally, we have real-time live assistance on the website as well as advanced search features and buyers’ guides.

In September I sent HomeCenter this photo of the toilet I received:

Here is the email I sent to HomeCenter a few days ago:

Tony and Roberta,

Last July, I paid you more than $1800 for two Robern cabinets for which I have no shelves. I paid $270 for a toilet that arrived here in pieces.

You are stonewalling me. I feel cheated. I am at the end of my rope. Your company can return my money for the broken toilet and send me the missing shelves for my cabinets or the money to buy them locally, or I will be forced to take action.

I’ve provided documentation. I’ve completed your forms. I sent photographs. Weeks go by and nothing happens.

What would you do were you treated this way?

Perhaps you’d begin by posting the entire story on the web and Tweeting it to your 3,000 followers, starting with this very letter. Then you might write an article (I’m an author) and let it go viral. Perhaps you would contact the NY State Attorney General suggesting that maybe other people are being defrauded and suggesting an investigation is in order. Or you might inform the manufacturers that they are being blamed for you not fulfilling paid orders. You might even ask the credit card companies to look into things. Or suggest to the state tax authorities that you are withholding refunds (but probably not reporting it as income). You might start by simply posting this letter on your five websites and see where it goes.

Tony, you sold me this stuff; we agreed it would be delivered by August 7. Roberta, you apologized for how long things are taking but then disappeared on me. Were I in your shoes, I’d escalate this one to my boss real quick.

I hope to hear from you before noon tomorrow.


Time’s up.

I haven’t escalated my complaints to the legal authorities. Yet. I may choose to follow another model: “Gentlemen: You have undertaken to cheat me. I won’t sue you, for the law is too slow. I will ruin you. Yours truly, Cornelius Vanderbilt.”

Anyone else getting the run-around from these guys?


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