Best Practices to create an effective workforce and successful organisation!!!

The HR functions touches upon every department in the organization. The global economy and workforce complexities of today demands HR to play a greater role in steering organizations to the future.

  1. Have a clear Vision and Mission Statement – Spend time with your team on the mission, it is important they understand it. Only those employees who have a clear understanding of the company’s mission are more likely to be engaged in their work and motivated to pursue their work related goals.  Since the global economy changes every 3-4 years, keep the Mission fluidic.
  2. Set the expectations and Build a culture – Set the expectations that syncs with the mission and vision statements and build a culture that circle around that expectation.

Attn: Line Managers

Your department has to deliver operational results. It is important you discuss the expectations clearly with your reportees. Take interest in improving their efficiency and effectiveness by addressing the real world issues. It is important that they become high-performing and well aligned because you are responsible for not only building the team but also the talent pipeline.  Your roles are coaching, training, mentoring and setting clear expectations. Technology can reshape the way we work today but cannot deliver the human touch which you can deliver – remember you are leading people and accountable for them also, not just processes, procedures, strategies and technology, you definitely do not want to be in the radar of your CEO and HR for poor employee advocacy.  Few quick tips:

a)      Know your reportees by their name and try to use them to max – You may not interact with all employees frequently, you still have to know their name to use it to say “hi” watch how their faces light up as they realize you know them and know what they do. Employee profile is a good place to dig into to know employees in your organization and what they contribute to the team.

Synergita’s HRIS is insightful and is an ideal platform to gather and store personnel information – profile with a picture, reporting structure, education, skill sets etc., armed with a quick search option for workforce decision and management.

b)      Goal Setting – Goals are set to be reviewed frequently.  Set Specific and Measurable goals – the sweet spot is between comfortable and unrealistic. Remember to include values to balance employee and organization achievements. Employees reflect the face of an organization and the requirement is to have happy customers while an employee strives for and accomplishes his/her goals. It is a good practice to review goals at shorter intervals and provide feedbacks rather than wait for 6 months or one year. The business environment is dynamic – revise goals periodically– to improve employee performance, enhance customer satisfaction and strong financial performance.

Synergita provides the ideal platform for goals management and tracking. The goals management module helps you to align Employee goals to that of the team and in turn to that of the organization to sync employees with organizations’ performance.  Additionally, you can add, delete and update goals to track an employee status anytime.

c)       Performance Reviews – Review meetings are opportunities for constructive discussions on how to improve. It is better to keep it objective for stimulation and avoid emotional reaction. Keep the agenda simple to discuss Strength and successes, Improvements since last meeting and fresh improvement areas to explore, behavior that requires to be developed and performance problems encountered. Discuss about aspirations and provide assurance that they can control their growth and how you are going to help them by offering responsibilities. Also discuss what motivates them and figure out how to give them more of it (it is more often an opportunity).  A successful review begins well before the meeting by compiling details.

Synergita’s Performance Management Module is developed to accommodate all the above said parameters – The continuous feedback module acts as an incident diary to refer to achievements, appreciations or confidential notes on improvement areas. The related feedback i.e., 360 Deg. feedbacks provides insights on peer & reportee reviews and also contains the repository of previous cycle feedbacks offering the opportunity to refer to the meeting summary and makes the process easy and fair.

d)      Another tip to stimulate and boost employee performance – Aligning the purpose, culture and value of the organization with business strategies takes more to do  and goes beyond birthdays – broadcast company updates and upcoming events, recognize announce and celebrate milestones like successful business deals, new customer acquisition, employee awards etc.,

The innovative Continuous Feedback module from Synergita  comes handy here – It gives the touch and feel of the Facebook/LinkedIn wall and is your internal social media and employee branding platform – for bringing together all employees and develop a feeling of community, encourage sociability, friendship and team spirit – Synergita elevates employee Engagement and Experience to the extent that one day every member in your organization will be part of Talent Acquisition Team and every employee is your brand ambassador.

Attn: HR Managers

It is imperative for HR to organize its functions which are both methodical and systematic to improve service capabilities, today’s technology we can make this possible and the transition from efficient to effective easy.

The inbuilt dashboards and analytics of Synergita offer unparalleled insights to take proactive measures. Synergita mobile App allows employees and managers access Synergita on the move. Synergita is designed keeping in mind the millennial workforce and the needs of complex business dynamics for employees to deliver & to realize organizational goals and remain happy.


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