Benefits of Using Simulations

This blog post is adapted from the authors’ contribution of Chapter 7 – “How to Measure Contact Center Skills Using Multimedia Simulations” – in Simulations for Personnel Selection published by Springer.

In our previous blog posts we talked about why do contact centers work hard, compentencies critical to contact center employee success, challenges in hiring for contact center work ,digging deeper into competencies , how do you measure its contact center competencies.and discussing why simulations are like the contact center job. In today’s blog post we will be talking about the benefits of using simulations. 

Multi-media simulations represent a promising tool to help contact center hiring managers identify the most skilled candidates who will succeed in a complex and challenging role.

Contact centers have used simulations to evaluate job candidates’ skills for more than a decade. When it comes to employee selection, simulations:
1. Are among the most valid predictors of job performance.
2. Cause less adverse impact than other types of assessments.
3. Show high face validity and are viewed favorably by candidates.
4. Provide candidates with a realistic job preview because they mirror the job on which they are based.

Modern simulations allow candidates to play the part of a representative in a fictitious contact center, which gives the company better insight into a candidate’s job-specific skills. In addition, because these simulations provide a life-like window into the job, they are more engaging. A company that is able to create a fun and interesting pre-hire process may be better positioned to hire its most coveted recruits. What’s more, ill-suited candidates may be encouraged to opt out of the process with a greater understanding of what the job truly entails.

Performance results confirm that candidates who successfully complete simulations perform better. Data from FurstPerson’s CC Audition® simulation demonstrate the type of performance improvement contact centers can realize.

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