Benefits of Social Learning in the Workplace

Benefits of Social Learning in the WorkplaceSocial learning encourages the use of collaboration to make sense of new ideas. In our technological age, social learning is more prevalent than ever before. This is because it is possible and easy to connect people through eLearning platforms.

When integrating a social learning model into a workplace, there are many thoughts about how to go about it.

The term “social learning” gives the sense that purpose driven conversations can take place on social media networks. While some think utilizing free tools can fulfill a social learning mission, only an organized learning management system (LMS) with a virtual classroom, database storage, internal / external communication features, and more can bring about the benefits of social learning.

Consider the many ways social learning is already present in your workplace and how you can harness this learning style to benefit your business and employees.

  1. Social learning is a game changer for businesses today. The act of learning is enhanced because employees and trainees can learn from one another in an informal, virtual setting.
  2. Social collaborations are going to happen anyway because of the popularity of social networks. However, harnessing the potential of social learning comes from implementing an LMS platform that you can position for the good of your business.
  3. Many of your employees are people who learn best from social learning and are accustomed to it. Providing an LMS as the main tool for your social learning approach can focus employee attention and input in a way that instills an eLearning environment compatible with your goals.
  4. Learning in the presence of others promotes effective education and can help employees adopt good work related behavior.
  5. Individuals learn subject matter in a number of ways, one of the most prominent being watching others. Measuring and monitoring the abilities of all coworkers can help your workforce realize what skills are lacking and excelling.
  6. One of the best features of social learning in an eLearning center is real time training. An LMS makes it possible to access valuable course material at any time, host virtual classes, and distribute curriculum to different communication channels.

TOPYX is a social learning management system that promotes workplace and organizational collaboration. Explore how this LMS can encourage a learning environment that will positively impact company morale and productivity.

Benefits of social learning only increase when using an LMS: Social Learning Value Explained.

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