Benefits of Mobile in Engaging Employees

Employee engagement is a key element in establishing an open and productive place of work. And for today’s mobile-connected workers, doing this via smartphones is a very effective way to stay in touch and continue to drive employees towards success. Engagement is a result of constant dialogue between employers and teams, and of setting clear expectations grounded in mutual respect; mobile is the perfect tool with which to achieve such relationships.

Surprising Statistics on Employee Engagement

While most companies out there truly value their workforces and want to do what they can to support and motivate them, there is a surprising disconnect with the actual reality. According to a poll by Dale Carnegie and MSW, only 29% of employees are engaged – in other words, over 2/3 of workers are not engaged on a variety of passive and active levels. And this disengagement comes at a price: poor employee retention can cost organizations $11 billion a year. Meanwhile (perhaps most obviously), efficiency is cut – the study found that an engaged workforce is more productive than a disengaged one by over 200%.

Close the Engagement Gap with Mobile

Mobile technology has the potential to fill in the loose ends and enable companies to engage more easily and proficiently. Specifically:

1) The number of people using personal devices is skyrocketing – and employees are not immune to this trend. They have their devices with them wherever they are, and are used to interacting on them on a regular basis. Engaging via mobile allows organizations to communicate with workers on their own levels. Plus, it shows a willingness to “get with the times” and flow with modern innovations – a display that foments greater trust and security among tech-savvy workforces.
2) More employees are bringing their own devices to the office anyway to be used with work-related activities. Companies can leverage this willingness by increasing the number of available mobile options.

3) Mobile makes it simple to “publicly” recognize and reward workers – and positive acknowledgement of success in front of others is a huge element of engagement. A quick SMS or photo of a smiling worker and manager can go a long way. Workforces are spread out: not everyone attends the same in-person meetings, not everyone reads the notes on the office bulletin board, and not everybody is by their desks checking their e-mail – but everyone who has a mobile has it with them at all times. And because it has become like second nature, people generally don’t mind checking their phone messages whenever they hear a notification.


Employee engagement via mobile can be harnessed vis-à-vis many internal programs, including training sessions, project management and employee referral programs. Mobile adoption is growing at such a rapid pace that organizations which want to successfully reach out to their workforces (and don’t we all?) are finding it increasingly necessary to move forward to adapt to today’s technologies.

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